We go nuts with savings Bealls Florida Customer Survey $500 Bealls’s Gift Card

Prize: $500 Bealls's Gift Card

Bealls Florida Customer Survey Prize

Grand Prize:

  1. $500 Bealls’s Gift Card

Bealls Florida Customer Survey Requirement

  1. A valid Bealls Florida receipt
  2. At least 18 years old

Read these tips before you enter Bealls Florida Customer Survey

  1. Visit to take Bealls Florida Customer Survey
  2. Enter the numbers highlighted on the receipt in the boxes
  3. Enter the date of your visit
  4. Click NEXT button to continue the survey

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    Robert Beall and Matt Beall- Your typical Beall’s family greedy douche bags. This business sucks dick. By all rights, they should have been shut down years ago.

  • BEALLS FLORIDA is a douche bag outfit, catering to slow southern losers, who listen to country music , and wank their dog in the basement. Living in a trailer park, is a must, in order to shop at Beall’s. Driving while drinking a beer, and with a loaded shotgun mounted in the Ford F-150, it’s time to head to Beall’s, where their is no shortage of cheap quality shit, that the whole family can enjoy.

  • Mickey Mouse on September 27, 2018 at 8:17 pm said:


    Beall’s family are a bunch of scumbags.
    Hey Robert Beall… your fathers a junkie, and your mothers a whore.

  • What’s the Beall’s family all about ???
    It’s about Robert and Matt Beall, being the biggest fucking thieves that they can be.
    A company that fucks it’s workers. You remember the workers, right ??? The backbone of slaving in your shit assed stores, making you wealthier and wealthier. The Beall’s family are the biggest LOSERS in the retail industry. Scumbags and jerkoffs is what this company should be called. Fucking losers……

  • This Guy Harvey douche has his t-shirts for sale in all Beall’s stores. Well why not? One stupid ass deserves another, right ?? He boasts about how he’s into marine life here in Florida, and donates his money to that cause, yet his crap is all made overseas. Sounds to me,he’s looking for cheap labor to make his t-shirts, and other garbage that is produced under his name.
    Sounds a lot like the Beall’s company, huh??
    All the crap this company sells is also made overseas in sweat shops. Beall’s and Guy Harvey, are two wingnut morons that want you to believe that they are doing something good for the public, while keeping your cost low. It’s all cheap quality trash my friends. Products that won’t last.

  • I agree with all these blogs. This dirtbag company couldn’t close up fast enough. I’m waiting for the day they are out of business.

  • Beall’s Florida Closing Soon
    Come on in, before the garbage merchandise is all gone. Hell… these items will look great in your trailer.

  • It’s Beall’s scumbag family.
    Robert Beall and Matt Beall are douche bags in business, looking to screw the employee.

  • Beall’s Florida makes up their own employment laws that suit them as they see fit. They must feel that they are above it all, where they can do whatever pleases them.
    Beall’s will possibly have you working full-time hours, but be assured, they will have you labeled as part-time.
    A company that spends its time scheming, and finding new ways to screw the employee.
    This company is #1 in being complete thieves to the common worker.

    A severe narcissist CUNT, who is a know it all, but of course, not really. A bitch that doesn’t like men.
    She is demeaning, and will put you in your place for absolutely no reason, if you disagree with her.
    Beall’s corporate knows that there has been a problem for quite some time, and chose not to do anything about it. Shows you the SHIT management that is running this company.

    Are 2 Beall’s family of mother fuckers that keep lining their pockets at the expense of all the employees.
    Fucking thieves they are. Corporate criminals !!!
    Don’t shop with this company. Let’s get these douche bags packing. The sooner they are out of business, the better !!!!!!

  • Rajahamadastrom Singh on September 20, 2018 at 5:51 am said:


    All shit must go. Extreme markdowns, and leftovers will wind up at Thrift Shops, or The Salvation Army, so don’t you worry…. You’ll see Beall’s shit merchandise floating around for some time, after they close up their last store.

  • It’s the Heall’s Beall’s Family of douche bags.
    Moronic southern shithead family, selling cheap quality beach crap to snowbirds and tourists. Your merchandise is shit, selling flip flops and Guy Harvey crap, and other lame brands. This is truly one asshole of a company.
    Close up fuckers.

  • Since 1915, the Beall’s family set out to start a business because of their greed. Today, they are still majorly greedy, and ruthless. This company makes up their own employment laws, and will test the waters and screw their employees as they see fit.
    Robert Beall and Matt Beall, are 2 new generation Beall
    scumbags. I’m sure the other family members that also carry on that last name, are scumbags as well.

  • You can find the same merchandise as far as cheap quality is concerned, being sold on the street corners in NYC.
    Beall’s is a “five and dime” shit outfit, selling southern style beach shit to tourists, and the snow bird idiots that grace this state each winter, because the cold up north might shrivel them up.
    You would think by now people would be tired of flip flops and Guy Harvey’s crap t-shirts.

  • Dirty Harry Callahan on September 19, 2018 at 3:21 pm said:


    Did you return 6 shitty items, or only 5?
    But, being that this is Beall’s Florida, the biggest shithole in the world of retail, you have to ask yourself an important question.
    Why would you shop here?
    Well, why would you punk?

  • Bugs Bunny on September 19, 2018 at 3:15 pm said:


    Family of thieves and fuck-ups.

  • I use to like shopping at Beall’s, but no longer.
    They never have the selection when I came in. I’m over it now…

  • Beall’s family are assholes.
    Crooked thieves.
    Step right up to see the greediest family on Earth. Why, it’s the Beall’s family of course.

  • Beall’s sucks, straight out. They play dirty couponing games constantly. Also, merchandise is garbage for the most part. I’m not into shopping with them anymore. Plus they never seem to have what they are advertising on sale.

  • Expensive items for crap quality. If your looking for similar merchandise, but want better quality and a better shopping atmosphere, shop at Kohls. Kohl’s is a more cheery environment and the stores are clean, unlike Beall’s.

  • Ellen Rowe on September 18, 2018 at 1:54 pm said:


    Joker outfit that isn’t out for the best interest of the employee or the customers. Management is a joke, often standing around talking and laughing among themselves, while I see the employee salving away.
    Everyone needs to avoid these jerks. Please, please,please, Beall’s, go out of business!

  • At best Beall’s Florida and any other names they go by, is a “0” at best. Good going Beall’s, where the customer has to at least pick a “1”, in order for their blog to be displayed. Just another example of Beall’s being deceptive.
    This company is the WORST. Deceptive, conniving, immoral, and a company with absolutely no values.
    Anything to make a buck, as long as it’s at the expense of all the employees.

  • Uneducated employees
    Terrible management
    Dirty stores
    Cheap quality crap
    Items advertised are not in stock
    Coupons cannot be used the majority of the time
    Who could ask for anything more ????…….

  • Fucked up company
    The Beall’s family are basically criminals!
    The company couldn’t be operated in a more half assed fashion than it already is. It says a lot about the delinquents that occupy the corporate office.

  • Beall’s Florida, Beall’s Outlet, Bunulu….
    Each and every store these pompous jerkoffs own, are all shit. This has to be by far the stupidest asshole organization that has ever come to be.

  • Beall’s company by far is the worst to ever shop at.
    Stores are filled with cheap quality garbage.
    Never again would I ever shop there.

  • Worst retail business out there.
    Merchandise all over the floor
    Fitting room are nasty with clothes piled up everywhere
    I would never shop with these assholes ever again.

  • Improperly run company. Unethical. No morals or scruples. The Beall’s family should be ashamed!!! Nothing to be proud of here, except that the family became rich off the sweat of the low wage employee. This company needs to be investigated by the State of Florida, and shut down permantly!!!

  • One of the worst companies in Florida.
    Store 21- Jupiter. Kathleen Smith is the Store Mgr. This is the most narcissist personality you’ll ever meet. She is an oddball in the first degree. It just shows how Beall’s corporate is improperly run, putting anyone in charge, and the person not being qualified at all to be in management. VERY SAD !

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  • Susan Gruber on February 3, 2017 at 11:44 am said:


    I love shopping at Bealls,I love the quality of the clothes and the customer service is great.This is the only store when I’m here in Florida that I buy my clothes,and when I’m back in Michigan I will buy somethings on line,you have one very satisfied customer here.All my friends ask where I get my clothes from and I say in Florida at Bealls.

  • Susan Cobert on November 28, 2016 at 10:53 am said:


    Had great customer service at BeAlls today. Needed an item that wasn’t in the store and a sales rep helped me order online from the store.