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  • AUSTIN WAYNE THOMAS on September 15, 2020 at 10:16 pm said:


    Ended up going to this Eegee’s location at 2470 North Campbell Tucson, AZ 85719, because we originally went into the location at 2510 East Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716 on 9-15-20, @ 330pm-345pm and the entire restaurant dining room was empty.The employees were just standing around doing nothing.We went inside the Eegees and the cashie (who’s name I did not get because he had no name tag on) (Hispanic) scheduled during this time frame working the front counter. The first thing he says my me was “I need you to put your face mask on right now.”No nice or polite greeting.He just barked his orders at me. I explained to him that I have a pre-existing underlining health problems that does not allow me to wear a mask No one grocery store, department store, fast food store, does not have a problem with this just as long as I let them know before entering the store.I didn’t get a chance because he was talking very loud over me and I explained to him that wearing a mask with further damage my liver, thyroid, and blood conditions. I have to rely on oxygen and not breath in my own carbon dioxide because I will further damage enzymes and proteins in my liver. Its not a contagious disease but medication keeps me healthy. I explained this to the employee and he put his hand up and said (I don’t need to hear this. You need to wear a mask or get out). I was being very polite to him trying to explain that the law is very specific about mask procedures. If you have a pre-existing unlining health problem or a small child, as long as you let a store employee know this, you can pass and shop without being harrassed. These signs are posted on “Best Buy” signs outside their department stores. “Target, Wal-Mart, Fry’s, the $1.00 store” No one has ever had a problem with me until now. I told him that I did not have a mask and that we were going to order and sit down and eat and we couldn’t eat wearing a mask, and he responded “I don’t care, you can sit outside for all I care.” I was shocked by this behavior. When I said to him that my Mother was going to order the food and I will wait in the booth for the food he told me, by putting his hand up in a stop motion, and said “If you want to be in here, you need to take your Trump shirt and pull it over your face.” I was without words. Yes, I was wearing a Trump 2020 shirt but he started to get in a political debate with me and medical response. I told him I am not pulling my shirt over my head. He replied, “then we cannot serve you.” Meanwhile, the entire store employees were standing around and watching in complete awe tell him not to speak to a customer like that. He didn’t care. So I told him on the spot, you are now aware of a serious medical condition that I have unrelated to Covid-19 and you are going to throw me out of the store. Explained that was blatten bigotry. I said he was on notice now and liable representing Eegee’s and discriminating towards me because I have other medical issues and he did not like my Trump shirt. So he made this extremely personal for himself. I told him and my Mother and I were leaving and you just lost out business in that store forever. We left and one of the other employees ran after us (we think he was a shift leader or something) but he told us to come back into the store and he would give us both a free Eegee’s and that employee did not have to act that way.He offered to buy us an Eegee’s and we turned it down because we did not want to go back into the dining room where that employee was just so he could glare and stare at us and make us nervous.The employee who followed us outside stated to come back inside and he will take care of us.We however did not. Not only did this employee discriminate against a disease after telling him what it was, he wanted to engage a political debate right in the middle of that restaurant which that was something we were no about ready to do.We left very upset.I told the employee with “a smart mouth” enjoy your youth because there are other far more worst diseases that people have to deal with in life and that why would he care because he will more than likely out live me because of my medical history.Its genetic health problems. I did not swear at him, raise my voice, call him any names, I was shocked more than anything and speechless.That behavior came way out of left field.If I would have thought to get his name, I would have reported him to the courts in a lawsuit against Eegee’s naming him personally as the defendant.If you did a little bit of checking at this location on Speedway, it happened on 9-15-20, at 330pm-345pm at the Speedway/Tucson Blvd address listed above. He worked at the front counter. He made a big issue to walk all the way around the other side of the counter and stood right in my face to tell me that. I took this personal because I had already explained to him my situation. My mother and I go in there about twice a week and the employees have seen us and know this already about me, they always say “Yes, we remember You.No problem whatsoever.” They are very polite but this one incident, I do not know what his problem was and its up to corporate or his manager to determine what to do with him. But if it were left up to me, I would have fired him on the spot, and cut his hours way down for a month and sent him home right there for that behavior.Worst case being, he would have been name liable in a lawsuit for discrimination against the sick, and he has proven to be a liability for you and your stores.You might want to get involved in this and educate him the way to approach a customer with Covid-19. He had too much fun with that at my expense. My mother and I were so embarrassed, we both left the store and will never return to it again. The only reason we went to the next location on Campbell ave is because we had a coupon that was about to expire and we wanted to use it up. We went in that location and immediately told the employees why I was not wearing a mask and what just happened a few minutes before that, and they were very sorry and they all said that is not Eegee’s policy to stand there and argue with a customer. We ordered our food, sat down and ate, and were on our way. I really do not like discussing information like this over the phone because its very upsetting to me but if you want to do a follow up or require anymore information, you can please correspond to my e mail account. Please write to I will be more than happy to explain everything once again. In concluding, if it were up to me, that employee poses a high liability to your corporation and has very bad view points and attitude. He needs to be retrained all over again and sat down to be told that you cannot just go off on the customers right when they come in the store and when they start to tell you something, its better that you listen rather then make things worse. All of this could have been avoided if he just put his listening ears on and kept quite. Thank you for you time. Once again, no other department store, food establishment, in all of Tucson has ever had a problem with it because I am honest with them before entering the store. That are very accepting and again, some store have gone as putting signs out on their door make sure that these people are included in shopping and department stores have this on their voice automated system to if you have to contact customer service via telephone for anything.Thanks for understanding and you time. -Austin Thomas

  • Anna Louise Bromley on January 2, 2019 at 12:32 am said:


    Customers for very friendly, the food was great. The flavor of the month of eegees her always good

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  • Charlie on August 9, 2017 at 2:36 pm said:


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  • Cliff Burmeister on May 5, 2017 at 9:29 am said:

    Reply web site was not available. tried for three days. On Friday finally just went to eegees customer survey. It came up with an old style survey from years back. Would not allow me to use.