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Prize: OnDark Souls II custom 2014 Scion xB car

Entry Date: 03/01/2014

Expire Date: 03/31/2014

GameStop Sweepstakes Prize

Grand Prize

  1. One Dark Souls II custom 2014 Scion xB car with an approximate retail value of $50,340
  2. A check for $5,000

GameStop Sweepstakes Requirements

  1. At least 17 years old
  2. Have a valid driver’s license and current, valid car insurance

Read these tips before you enter GameStop sweepstakes 

  1. Visit to take part in sweepstakes online
  2. log onto GameStop PowerUp Rewards Member account
  3. To obtain a winner list, you can refer to the official rules


GameStop Customer Experience Survey Sweepstakes

Grand prize:

  1. A $100 GameStop gift card

GameStop Customer Experience Survey Requirements

  1. You don’t need to purchase anything to enter or win
  2. You must be 18 or older to enter the sweepstakes

Read these tips before you enter GameStop Customer Experience Survey

  1. Visit to take the survey
  2. Choose the language: English or Spanish
  3. Enter the associate number on your receipt
  4. Enter the feedback number on the bottom of your receipt
  5. Click the “Start” button to continue the survey
  6. Answer several simple questions to complete the survey

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