We go nuts with savings Haggen Customer Survey $100 Haggen Gift Card

Prize: $100 Haggen Gift Card

Haggen Customer Survey Prize

Grand Prize:

  1. $100 Haggen Gift Card

Haggen Customer Survey

  1. 18 years of age or older
  2. A valid Haggen receipt

Read these tips before you enter Haggen Customer Survey

  1. Visit Haggen Customer Survey
  2. Select the date when you made purchase
  3. Enter the store number from your register receipt
  4. Enter the transaction code from your register receipt
  5. Click on the ” Submit” button to continue

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  • Dorothy Tuckosh on November 17, 2017 at 3:49 pm said:


    Terry c. Has always been the most pleasant and helpful cashier i have had in any store. I try to come in when ever she is there. Because if I have a
    Problem she is there to help me. I usually go there several times a week.

  • Abner’s is No.1 and Larry’s No. 2. The two institutions are contemporary and provide new meat, bread and cheese’s. I contain consumed countless cheesesteaks all through the Metropolis such as at 2 of the greatest competitiveness within S. Philly and they are no sport in direction of Larry’s and Abner’s. I include taken individuals who arrive towards take a look at me in the direction of the longtime favorites within just S.Philly and none incorporate liked the cheesesteaks as a lot as Abner’s and Larry’s. Too what’s Wonderful in excess of my greatest alternate options are they system the food stuff even though yourself keep track of. This suggests anything at all above a cafe that functions below a microscope…we consist of absolutely nothing towards conceal more than how we system your foodstuff.

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  • Jeffrey R Fecteau on August 9, 2017 at 12:53 pm said:


    I have been shopping at the Haggen, Barkley Square, Bellingham, Wa. for 12 years. I have always found the employees to be very helpful and friendly. Over the past few years the prices have gotten out of control. Corporate Greed!. There’s a Fred Meyer near by that blows Haggen away on the prices. A Whole Foods recently opened near by, and even they have better prices. And Whole foods has always been the most expensive market in the entire country. I know, I travel all over the USA on business regularly and Always go to the local Whole Foods as soon as I check in to my Hotel. Not too long ago at our local Haggen they did a major remodel (nicely done.) As soon as it was finished ALL the Prices Skyrocketed, obviously to pay for the remodel. The Customers should not be Gouged to pay for that, Corporate should pay for that. The Haggen I shop at (and I do almost all the shopping) is very close to our house. My wife refuses to even step foot in the Haggen because of the price gouging, and drives way out of her way to go to the other markets because of the gouging. In the last few days they’ve started another remodel/upgrade that looks like it might be a walk in beer refrigerator. They already have the most expensive beer in the entire city. Even more than the priciest liquor store. I’m fed up with the price gouging, as are a number of our friends. I’m done with the Corporate Greed. Bye Bye !!!

  • Donna Smith on April 19, 2017 at 9:43 am said:


    I am an avidvHaggen customer. Always good products and the employees are always courteous, kind, and heloful.

  • Sorry but this is not a positive comment…my check out bill exceeded my expectation even with the 4$ donation to meet the meat need.
    Your discount meat section is deseeving. The Johnsonville Italian Sausage I selected had a $1:50 red reduced sticker attached to it. I assumed that would be deducted from the original price of the same item in the fresh case. This was not the case, it turned out to be approximately two dollars more than the non quick sale discount price. I could have bought the same item for 50 cents less and not had to use it emediatly for fear of spoilage. When I select an item from the quick sale meat case I expect it to be a bargain. Kind of mad at you guys;(

  • Diane Nickelson on February 2, 2017 at 9:44 pm said:


    Customer service is excellent as is the Deli is the best I have ever seen or tasted I only shop at your store in Lak!e Stevens as it is very for me and I like the quality customer service and friendly folks you have employed for you! Thanks for being there!